Inspiration lives forever

It is with heavy heart that I will be going to Rotman School of Management on Tuesday to attend the “Remembering Tammy” event. I find it hard to believe that Tammy Neilson has gone off to a better place…

She inspired all of us to get out of our comfort zones and to take ownership of our own lives and careers, but most importantly to believe in ourselves!

Not many people are lucky enough to live such a meaningful life as Tammy did. She worked with so many communities and touched so many lives.

I remember reading her article online about how her friend passed away and it resulted in giving Tammy only strength to keep going and appreciate every minute of her life…

In the last email I had from Tammy she was saying that she is looking forward to an exciting 2017.

I was always wondering what happens with our social media profiles when we are resting forever.

I promised her that I will continue to write no matter what.

Thank you, Tammy.

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