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After three and a half movies watched and zero hours of sleep I returned from Europe, I barely made it to the second floor of my apartment and I lied down on the carpet feeling somewhat alive. And when he asked me: “Are you ok, hunny?“, I smiled and said: I am very OK, I am happy…
IMG_20171027_222108_367Travel became me after my first fascinating trip to the Crimea peninsula on the Black Sea in Ukraine in my teens. Ever since then Travel has been in me and it was influencing some of the major decisions of my life, including education and immigration. It inspired me to visit 20+ countries and I am not planning to stop!

I moved to Canada mainly because since I was a little girl and saw Niagara Falls in a geography handbook it was my dream to stand on the edge of a giant waterfall and feel the breeze on my skin.

I love different cultures, cuisines, history, architecture and both summer activities and winter adventures. I am crazy about water activities and I am definitely not scared of jet lag.

I am a creative person, writer, storyteller, photographer and strong communicator with a great sense of humor, global citizen and Earth protector.

I am travel-driven and I have worked in Travel/Hospitality/Aviation for the past decade.

Putting a travel blog together was always a dream of mine.

Feel free to contact me about writing gigs and press trips.

Truly yours,

Iryna Koliuda

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